About BH Asset Management

We are a registered investment advisor, meaning we are held to a fiduciary standard and must always put your interests first. We provide unbiased advice, employ an open architecture approach, and only charge flat fees. We are transparent and maintain frequent communication with our clients. With over 30 years of fund management experience, we offer the most sophisticated investment techniques. 

Your Team Leader

Charles E. Helme

Managing Director
Charles E. Helme Joined BH Asset Management as Managing Director in 2010. He managed portfolios for Corporations, endowments, universities, pensions...

What We Do


Client Solutions

We pride ourselves on paying close attention to our clients' needs, and the firm philosophy is to approach clients with two solutions.

Why BH Asset Management?

We at BH Asset Management don’t have one-size-fits-all financial plans because we are dedicated to understanding your family and your values before making a recommendation. Each piece of our advice is uniquely catered to you.

Investment Process & Strategy

It is our goal to assist you in building a solid financial structure that will grow and build wealth for you and your family. We will consider important milestones and take the time to understand each client's goals, risk tolerance, income requirements, tax position, and time horizon before creating a strategy.


What You Need to Know About Social Security

by Charles Helme on
Social Security was never intended to be an income source that could support you in retirement. Rather, its sole purpose was to provide a safety net for people who were unable to accumulate sufficient retirement savings.

When Should You Fire Your Fund Manager?

by Charles Helme on
While you may not think of it in this way, your investment in a mutual fund is actually a contract to hire a professional to manage your funds, just as if you had hired an individual portfolio manager. With investment management fees approaching 1.5%, there’s no need to be concerned if they are being paid enough.

For Long-Term Investors Fees Really Do Matter

by Charles Helme on
The efficient markets hypothesis implies that no active investor can consistently beat the market over long periods of time, except by chance. Yet active managers continue to test the hypothesis every day through their efforts to pick stocks and time markets. The evidence clearly shows that their efforts are not worth the high cost borne by investors.