Sub-Advisory Investment Services

BH Asset Management can assist Financial Advisors and their medium-sized investment advisory firm. 


Financial advisors whose investment advisory firm requires them to do too many things for too many clients.

  • These advisors have built strong relationships with their clients, but the relationships require constant nurturing during this increased volatility.
  • Their firm's growth has plateaued either because they have a limited opportunity set or are too spread out.


Financial Advisors work with a trusted firm like BH Asset Management to provide the extra assistance needed to develop a better life-work balance.

Working with BH Asset Management provides Advisors with the resources to add expertise without sacrificing profitability.

  • A partnership allows Advisors to work on their business rather than within their business.
  • Advisors are able to spend more time with their clients to increase wallet share and referrals; as well as have more time to attract new business.


By engaging BH Asset Management to manage existing accounts in a tax-sensitive manner, some of a Financial Advisor's valuable time is freed up.

BH Asset Management's offerings:

  • 5 investment strategies which utilize individual stocks.
    • Advisors have the ability to tailor the strategy to their clients' needs, if need be.
  • 3 investment strategies which utilize broad asset class ETFs.
    • All of the investment strategies are straight-forward and easy to understand.
    • There is no "black box" algorithm that could cause BH Asset's strategies to "crash".
  • All of the investment can be private labeled for the Advisors use.
  • Quarterly private-labeled client reports, including mailing them.


BH Asset Management currently holds custodial relationships with JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Pershing, Raymond James, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity.

In order to avoid the inconvenience of having to move clients, BH Asset Management is willing to establish a relationship with other custodians if the current custodian is not listed above.