Client Solutions

We pride ourselves on paying attention to our clients' needs and approaching clients with the following two solutions:

Personal Solution

  The Personal Solution is our focus: what you and your family want and need. We are more than your financial planners— we listen to your personal financial concerns and create a path to success personalized to you. We maintain frequent communication with our clients to make sure they are well-informed and feel confident in where their money is being allocated. When creating your Personal Solution, we take an approach that is:
  • Unbiased
  • Not pushy
  • Transparent
  • Responsive
  • Straightforward
  • Honest

Investment Solution

  The investment solution offered is based on a creative and Open Architecture approach to investments, which is customized for each client. We are best of breed managers with 30+ years of fund management expertise. At BH, we invest in both traditional and non-traditional assets using proprietary and research driven strategies. 
Open Architecture Approach We offer both proprietary and external products and services. This ensures that we can satisfy all of your financial needs by recommending you the services best suited to you, even if they are not our own strategies. Because we receive fee-based compensation, we do not feel pressured to recommend our own products to earn commission. Our open architecture approach will improve the diversification of your portfolio, and can offer you better returns at a lower cost.
Best of Breed As best of breed managers, we have a proven track record and have demonstrated the ability to outperform our stated objectives through market cycles.
Traditional and Non-Traditional Assets Traditional assets include the basic categories of stocks, bonds, and cash. Alternative assets include commodity-based investments, real estate, foreign currency, derivative, and asset-backed debt and private equity.


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