Anyone who is planning for retirement or has a family can
benefit from a financial advisor

With so many financial considerations to keep track of in life, it is very beneficial to have a financial advisor who can help you in allocating your money. Having a financial advisor to assist you in preparing for retirement has never been more crucial. According to the Society of Actuaries, a 55 year-old couple in excellent health today has a 52% likelihood that at least one spouse will be alive at 95. Although a longer life span is good news, it also means you must create an income stream to last many years after retirement. 

Here are some ways that an advisor can help ensure your financial stability:

A Comprehensive Plan

Financial advisors will help you in creating a comprehensive financial plan encompassing your investment decisions, will insurance, and trusts. Vanguard estimates that the investment aspect of advisors' financial advice alone could add about 3 percentage points to a client's annual returns. Their study found that the most important benefit of a financial advisor is helping clients avoid buying high and selling low. 

A 2017 study sponsored by Northwestern Mutual found that with the assistance of an advisor, participants were also less stressed and better able to absorb information when making financial decisions. 

While our investment advice may increase your prospective returns, our retirement advice may also increase your income. A study by Morningstar Investment Management that focused on retirement-income strategies found that an advisor can add an average 1.58% in annual return. 

Gaining a New Perspective

We can offer you a fresh perspective of your finances. Our assistance can allow you to discover other needs you had not previously considered and help you better address the needs you thought you had taken care of. Our guidance will also keep you focused on your long-term goals and prevent you from obsessing over your short-term results.

Your Interests First

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are bound by the fiduciary standard. This means that we are regulated by the SEC and must always put your interests above our own and fulfill our duty of loyalty and care for our clients. Therefore, we will never buy securities for our own portfolio prior to buying them for you, and we will never make trades to increase our commission or for our benefit. Only your needs are kept in mind when we make investment decisions.

Informed Decisions

Our status as an RIA also means our investment decisions must always be made using complete and accurate information. As your advisor, we will be certain to take into consideration all factors that could affect the success of your portfolio, and only make informed decisions on behalf of you and your family.


Low Cost and Efficiency

In addition to making educated decisions in your best interest, we are held to a “best execution” standard when making trades. We will always strive to trade securities with the best combination of low cost and efficient execution.




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